Gutter Color Options


When it comes to finding the right color gutters for your home or business you have many gutter color options depending on the type of gutters are you considering. Each type of gutters that we sell has its’ own options as far as colors go.

For traditional seamless gutters that you will find on the average home and many businesses as it is the most popular type of gutter. They give you quite a few choices when it comes to colors, 26 of them to be exact!

For the Armortough Series of Gutters for the home are abrasion and stain resistant as well. There are 3 color options you can see below for the Armortough gutters.

We also have Dueltone Painted Aluminum which is created with a 2=coat process. There is one color option for these types of gutters as you’ll see towards the bottom of the page.

Lastly we have the Premium Metals Gutters for .both home and commercial use. The 16oz Copper gutters and the 26 gauge Galvalume Plus Steel Gutters both only come in the one color.

See the list of all color options below for each type of gutter and you can always feel free to reach out to us and we can help guide you to the best choice for your home or business.

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Color Options for Traditional Painted Aluminum Gutters

30° White – #01

Royal Brown – #02

Antique Ivory – #03

Black – #04

Raffia Beige – #05

Beaver Brown – #06

Classic Cream – #07

Clay – #08

Colonial Blue – #09

Sherwood Green – #10

Musket Brown – #11

Wicker – #13

Dove Gray – #14

Almond – #15

Linen – #17

Light Bronze – #18

Tuxedo Gray – #19

Heritage Cream – #20

Colonial Gray – #21

Buckskin Brown – #22

80° White – #23

Colonial Red – #24

Dark Bronze – #25

Herringbone – #26

Copper Metallic – #27

Paint Grip Metallic – #28

Color Options for Armortough Painted Aluminum Gutters

Satin White – #130

Wood Beige – #131

Cameo – #132

Color Options for Dueltone Painted Aluminum Gutters

Color Options for Premium Metals Gutters

Rustic Copper – #129

Solid Copper – #890

Galvalume Plus Steel – #920