Wooden Privacy Fences


You have many choices when it comes to the material type used for the fencing. You have Wooden Privacy Fences for the traditional look…

Built for your specific needs!


Every yard is different and that is not an issue for us. We can tackle any obstacle in our way to get the job done right the first time!

Top Quality Materials


We are skilled craftsman and we only work with the best materials to ensure that we produce the highest quality fencing possible for your home or business. You need your new fence to last and using a quality material is key!

Wood Privacy Fence

Our wood privacy fences are specifically designed and custom built to fit your needs, unique style and the layout of your yard. Not only do you have choices as to what you can achieve with a beautiful wooden fence from a functional standpoint, you also have the beauty it can bring with one of the various design options from which you can select. This can help you make your home stand out from the neighbors!

From a tall fence that not only enhances your sense of security it can also afford you the privacy and intimacy you want in your yard, to a smaller fence that very segments your flowers, vegetable gardens, compost piles and storage areas from one another. We will build to your home’s specific needs because one size does not fit all!

Types of Wooden Fencing:

As mentioned you have quite a few options when it comes to getting the right fence for your home or business. Below are some of the available design options but feel free to call in and talk to one of our consultants for help getting the right fence for you.

Horizontal Wood Fences

This type of fence design has been growing in popularity for quite some time due to the custom modern design look you can achieve with the right spacing and placement of the boards. These types of fences are good whether you need a shorter or taller fence because of the sturdy design and flexibility.

Why are these types of fences so desirable? It’s easy if you think about it from a design standpoint. Horizontal lines help to make spaces look larger so you could make your backyard look and feel bigger with this design type. And of course, the lines tend to draw the eye to the fence so a well landscaped fence perimeter can really help this design to pop!

Good Neighbor Wood Fence

Depending on a few things such as the civil codes for your area and the relationship you have with your direct neighbors will help to decide if this is a good option for you.

Typically with a good neighbor fence, the panels are alternated so neither side is the “good side” and each neighbor is responsible for the panels “on their side”. Again this is not for every situation and really depends on your specific needs.

In mane cases, the neighbors actually share the costs of installation making it more cost effective for both parties since they both get to enjoy the look and functionality of the fencing.

Wooden Picket Fence

This can be a great choice depending on what you are trying to accomplish with your new fencing. Picket fences are less designed privacy then functionality and beauty. They are great for keeping your dogs in the yard all while keeping other dogs out of your yard unless they jump the fence.

Wooden picket fences re usually only 3 to 4 feet high and are often the choice for people looking to enclose smaller yards. The pickets can come in many different types of wood and styles of cut. Most picket fences are pointed at the top to help discourage climbing and water run-off. If the white picket fence is one of your features of your dream home, then the height won’t be much of an issue for you.


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