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One of the many benefits of living in the Great state of Texas is that our weather allows us to enjoy the outdoors more than states in northern parts of the country with less favorable weather year round. The flip-side of course is that our summers are more than hot and sun filled.

To be able to make full use of the opportunity afforded to us by living here, we need to structure our backyard outdoor living space accordingly.

Thankfully, from simple shade structures all the way to more elaborate backyard features, a pergola can be just the thing you need complete the upgrade transformation to your outdoor living space.

What makes a pergola one of the most popular backyard additions to a home these days is its’ extreme versatility.

Whether you are just looking to relax on the patio on a nice sunny day, enjoying a family cook-out, or looking to have a statement piece in your yard a pergola can be the answer for you.

The open air feel of a pergola while still providing adequate shade can bring almost a park-like feel to your backyard helping you and your family to enjoy more time outside increasing their appeal to homeowners in Texas.

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Pergola Design

Design options for pergolas are pretty much limitless and only restricted by your imagination, budget and backyard space which is yet another appealing trait of these great backyard structures.

This can start to cause you some stress if you let the options overwhelm you but the good news is that we can help you with this problem through our own pergola design experience.

We can work with you to make the right design choices for your backyard space and needs or we can bring a pergola that you find in a magazine, or on the internet or even one you see on our site to life for you.

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Besides just your Pergola design options you also have quite a few material options as well.  One of the most popular material choices for pergolas in the central Austin Texas area is the western red cedar wood.

Western red cedar is naturally both insect and rot resistant increasing its’ desirability in our area. It also offers a natural, rustic looking appearance that people love from real wood.

Some of the other choices of wood material includes cypress, teak, redwood, oak and pine. Much will depend on what you want in both look and costs. Another option that can be the right choice in the right circumstances are the aluminum pergolas.

Metal pergolas offer freedom from the maintenance of the wood, but you loose that beauty that natural wood grain can provide when stained properly. We can make it easy on you with our FREE estimates.

Pergola Design and Installations

When you hire a company to do anything to your home in Austin, you need to trust that the company you hire will treat your home with the respect it truly deserves.

You can trust that our team here at Lone Star Custom Gutter & Exterior will treat your home with the respect it deserves and provide you with the highest quality pergola design and installation work at the same time.

Your outdoor space is a special place for you and your family, and we want to make that place even more special. As far as customization choices go, the sky is basically the limit with a pergola.

Besides material and layout choices, you also have the option of adding accessories like a trellis, or a clear cover so you can keep the open look and feel of the pergola with being protected from weather and so much more. Again the versatility of a pergola is a huge part of its appeal to Texas homeowners.

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