Outdoor Trellis

  You have many style and material choices when it comes to creating the perfect Custom Outdoor Trellis for your needs!  

Built for your specific needs!

  Every yard and project is different and that is not an issue for us. We can tackle any obstacle in our way to get the job done right the first time!  

Top Quality Materials

  We are skilled craftsman and we only work with the best materials to ensure that we produce the highest quality Wood Trellis possible for your home’s yard.  

Outdoor Garden Trellis

Every beautiful home deserves an equally beautiful backyard for you to enjoy as well. Not only can a beautifully landscaped yard help to give you a tranquil, serene space to enjoy the wonderful outdoors, it can also help to increase home values by improving curb appeal. Adding a custom outdoor garden Trellis to your home can offer you quite a few other benefits.

A Garden Trellis Centerpiece

Being made of wood, a Trellis affords you quite a few design opportunities to allow you to get to be more creative. You could use your Trellis as a centerpiece in the garden to which you place your most colorful plants around the Trellis to highlight the piece. You can use a series of ground level flowers and plants as well as some of the climbing species like ivy as well. You imagination is the limit as to what you can so with a beautiful custom-built garden Trellis by Lone Star Custom Gutter & Exterior.

Trellis Privacy Screen

While a wooden trellis won’t provide you with total privacy, it can make seeing through into your yard a lot more difficult for passersby. The visual appeal of a wood trellis screen makes it a very convenient way to enhance your privacy all while avoiding the obstructive traits of a solid privacy fence.

Landscaped Garden Trellis with Wooden Table

Outdoor Garden Partition Trellis Fence

Not only can you use a Trellis as a partial privacy fence, you can also use them to partition the yard or garden into segments. This is a great way to add some flare to your garden by dividing it into segments all separated by Trellis dividers. You could also use them to design your own mini garden maze if you wanted to really get creative.

Garden Trellis Plant support

Besides the other functions mentioned there still is a main function not yet discussed and that is using your Trellis for supporting your plants and trees.

One of the best functions of a Garden Trellis is to provide support for the climbing or weak stemmed plants that would just topple over without some type of support to help them to grow strong. Adding Trellises in the proper areas can help to eliminate those issues and allow you to explore foliage you may not have considered before due to the difficulty in growing them. Not you can give them a shot!

So as you can see there are many uses for an Outdoor Trellis in your Garden or backyard. Don’t try to figure out what you need on your own, let one of our highly trained consultants help you get what you need without all the hassle.

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