Custom Patio Covers


A beautiful backyard patio is only good if the weather allows you to use it, unless you add a Custom Patio Cover of course!


Built for your specific needs!


Every patio is different and that is not an issue for us. We can tackle any obstacle in our way to get the job done right the first time!


Top Quality Materials


We are skilled craftsman and we only work with the best materials to ensure that we produce the highest quality custom patio covers possible for your home or your business.


Custom Patio Covers

If you have a beautiful outdoor space like a patio, the last thing you want to do is not be able to use it due to bad weather or insects or some other outside interference ruining your good time whenever you utilize the space.

One way to take control of the patio situation and get much more usage out of your outdoor spaces and the warm weather here in Austin Texas is by adding a beautiful patio cover. A patio cover is a roof or a cover that is placed over an existing or new construction patio.

Patio Cover Types

Not only do you have material type choices but you have tons of design options as well when it comes to desired usage. Want to mount a TV on your patio? Maybe a solid roof cover it is best choice.

Prefer more of the outdoor feel while still blocking some of the elements? Not a problem, an open-air latticed cover could be the right choice for you. It all depends on your specific needs. To determine the options that are the best suited for your particular needs, you will need to consider a couple of things.

How much do you want to spend? What is the overall size of the patio? Then ask yourself if you intend to use the outdoor patio as a secondary living space? Is your outdoor space a garden or more of a room? What design style will look the best with your home?

As you can see there can be a lot to consider! The best thing you can do to make it easy on yourself would be to allow one of our Custom Patio Cover design specialists to assist you in determining the best options for your needs.


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